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“I get sent lots of things….. some impress me more than others. I have to admit I was very impressed by Aramazu and especially when my son, who is four, started to understand the concept of telling the time.”
Sarah Ebner TimesOnline

“I have taught time for many many years but never with such instant success”

Jackie Bacon Parents in Touch

“To say I am impressed and amazed is an understatement. This method of teaching children… is so tuned in to the ways their minds work that they catch on practically instantly.”
Potty Mummy on Potty-Diaries

“I am sceptical when it comes to whizzy new learning methods… but hey this really does work”
Angels and Urchins

“ and a week on, my son is now telling me what time it is.”
Joanne Mallone ParentDish UK

“A ‘story’ element means it is instantly more appealing.. both of my children were excited to have a go…”

“Aramazu quickly wins the trust of children”

Telling The Time With Aramazu –  Parent Testimonials

Thank you my order arrived yesterday and wow what can I say, within 2 minutes of finishing reading the book my five year old son can now tell the time!! I am very impressed and thinking of ordering the younger version of the book for my daughter who will be three in October. Great product
Julia Tye

My 7 year old daughter, who has struggled with time in the past, is now
telling the time, and is so proud of her achievements. It is a delight to
see her telling me the time throughout the day. Thank you very much.

Mrs D Hants

My son aged 7… couldn’t get the” 5 past “and “5 to”… Last night in five minutes he got it. He was thrilled , as you can imagine and so was I. The ladders ” to ” and ” past” are just so helpful.
Mrs H Surrey

‘My 3 ½ year-old can tell the time too now thanks to Aramazu. She picked up telling the time after one read. Fanastic!’
Mrs Bentley

‘My daughter was so confident after the first 15 minutes – great method – would recommend to all parents and teachers.’
Miss Tracey

‘An excellent method – my daughter was proud of her achievement.’
Mrs Steel

‘We’ve been struggling to get him to understand time and this has really helped.’
Mrs Bull

‘It was learning through play.’
Mrs Winterman

‘My son has never been interested and we have spent ages trying to teach him but once we tried this he grasped it really quickly.’
Mrs Joyce

‘I love this product!’
Ms Coles

‘I am such a fan you wouldn’t believe it. We have only read each book once; Sky knew nothing beforehand, and is now constantly telling me what hour we are on and whether we are looking at “to” or “past”. I used to train adults for a living so I get really enthusiastic about effective learning solutions!!’.
Mrs H. Shah, mother of Sky aged 5.

“Thank you very much – we’ve  received the pack and it’s terrific. After just half an hour my little boy had  grasped the simple concept. I will be using it for my little girl when she’s  ready.”
Lesley Darling (Ipswich)

“I just wanted to say a huge “thank you” for the Aramazu Clock and Books I won on your ( Primary Times) website  recently. My daughter (7) has been struggling to tell the time for a while but after reading the first book only once, seems to have got the hang of it!  Thanks so much for giving us the chance to try this!”
Fiona Edwards

‘…really great system… can’t believe no-one thought of it sooner’…

‘after an hour of painless work using the Aramazu method he could read most times on the clock and by the end of the day, he could even tell the trickiest of times, such as ‘seventeen minutes to three’.

‘For a child with dyslexia, learning something with ease is an empowering and unaccustomed feeling and I still credit this book with kick-starting a more positive attitude toward his own abilities, but it’s suitable for all as learning to tell the time seems to be a universal struggle for young children.’

‘It is a brilliant way to teach children how to tell the time. My 6 year old was able to tell the time after a week and even my 3 year old is able to get the o’clock and half past the hour correctly. I will be recommending the books to my friends and also to the teachers at our primary school.’

‘I have 3 children and the eldest managed to learn how to tell the time within an hour using your system.’

‘We did find the book amazing. By the time we read it once, my daughter (who is in Reception) had got the idea and after 3 readings she can tell the time with no problems.

‘The whole premise/concept/story of Aramazu, especially the graphics are wonderfully simple and trigger the right messages, in this day an age that’s no mean feat. A clever, fun but ultimately brilliant concept.’

‘I cannot recommend your books and CD enough, you have made my just-turned-five-year-old, who now knows the basics of telling time, a very proud little girl… and her mummy too!’

‘Dear Jamie, I loved your clock book.I learnt to tell the time in half an hour! from Finn thank you’. His mum says he has been trying to learn to tell the time for 2 years- Finn is dyslexic.